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With the QAAA Mini-OTC Deal you can buy QAAA straigt Over The Counter from Qommodity QAAA B.V.

The Mini-OTC Deals are designed as an easy access to buy QAAA tokens if you do not have an account at the exchanges the QAAA is listed at. The only requirements is to have a Binance Smart Chain Wallet (BEP20) for the delivery of the tokens. 

QAAA Mini-OTC 5.000

SKU: Q326845000
  • The QAAA token is an Asset Backed Securitized Hybrid Utility Token.

    The objective of the QAAA token is to facilitate the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind. The QAAA token aims to unlock access to wealth on a large scale using an approach that has never been used before.

    The QAAA token is here to give people access to the most precious resources, without the negative impact.

    The QAAA token is simply taking a wealth of knowledge and experience to clearly define underlying value, its market value and therefore making it tradeable and bankable.

    The QAAA token offers everybody the opportunity to be part of an initiative that aims for both to promote environmental protection and guarantee sustainability as defined by the SDG’s of the United Nations.

    The QAAA token is creating new asset classes in commodities within the traditional- and institutional monetary- and Crypto domain.

    All related t the QAAA token is  explained clearly in the Whitepaper. It is important to understand that each component of the QAAA token that is used, is well known and has been proven over decades. 

    The latest version of the witepaper is published on the website and will come as a downloadable when an order is fulfilled. 

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