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Qommodity QAAA B.V. (“Qommodity”, “we” or “us”) respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your Personal Information. The following Qommodity privacy policies are tailored for the different ways your Personal Information may be collected, used, shared and processed by different Qommodity lines of business:

1. Qommodity General Privacy Policy

This policy addresses information we collect in connection with your use of Qommodity websites, mobile applications, and social media pages that link to the General Privacy Policy, your interactions with Qommodity during in-person meetings at Qommodity facilities or at Qommodity events, and in the context of other online or offline sales and marketing activities.

2. Qommodity Services Privacy Policy

This policy describes our privacy and security practices that apply when handling (i) services personal information in order to perform Consulting, Technical Support, Cloud and other services on behalf of Qommodity customers; and (ii) personal information contained in systems operation data generated by the interaction of (end-)users of these services with Qommodity systems and networks.


3. Qommodity Customer Data Research & Development Privacy Policy


This policy describes Qommodity’s processing of personal information in connection with Qommodity’s artificial intelligence and machine learning activities in order to analyze, develop, and improve Qommodity products and services, and for security and compliance purposes.


4. Qommodity Recruiting Privacy Policy


This policy addresses information we may collect in connection with Qommodity’s online and offline recruiting efforts.


5. Qommodity Advertising Privacy Policy

This policy addresses how Qommodity facilitates the collection and use of marketing and interest-based information to help enable interest-based advertising by our Qommodity Advertising customers.


6. Qommodity Copyright Information

This section provides information on copyright. Qommodity respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we ask our individuals using Qommodity websites to do the same.

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