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  • How to purchase QAAA?
    With the ongoing harmonization of the QAAA processes in the background we have decided to align the purchase process for QAAA with our ongoing efforts of integration to a single market. From Friday February 3rd 2023 it is no longer possible to buy QAAA directly in the back office of Qommodity Tech. QAAA can be purchased through the website of ( or through Lbank ( directly on the exchange. On a daily basis at 04.00PM UTC time the price of the QAAA in the back office of Qommodity Tech will be fixed to the market price on the exchange. On all QAAA purchased in this manner there is NO vesting applicable. All these tokens can be freely traded through the exchange and stored in a wallet of own choice. Whenever is chosen to hold the QAAA in a wallet in the back office of Qommodity, they WILL be automatically vested according to the terms and conditions, so that is important to know when obtaining QAAA.
  • When will QAAA be listed on other exchanges, especially tier 1 exchanges?
    This is an ongoing process and we will immediately advice on changing status
  • What is the strategy to generate demand for the QAAA, increase the value and transfer volume on the trading platforms and thereby potentially pushing the price?
    The demand of the token is achieved through various actions, which can be found in our Whitepaper. We briefly list a few here: - It has been stated on several of our publications, that the QAAA will not just remain traded as a token but will also receive an ISIN so that traditional (institutional) markets are also able to invest in the project. - We see a huge interest from traditional investors in our project but they are not willing or able to invest in tokens. The moment the ISIN is published, we expect a significant buying interest from the traditional financial domain. - The demand from other countries with resources and companies with mining licenses is significant and the more resource licenses we add to the QAAA the larger the value will become and the higher the interest in the token will be. - Potential Integration of the QAAA as payment token in the countries we are active in will give it another dimension in demand. - The value of the QAAA will further increase by the underlying assets through the expansion of the ongoing, NI43-101 certifications on the already existing, and new allocated areas.
  • How was the initial value of the QAAA established?
    in the beginning of the activity of Qommodity there were 4 areas, out of which only 1 was evaluated to a small extent through the accredited geologists of ABMAV with the NI43-101 standards, that revealed an in-ground value of resources of 5 billion USD. As we decided to issue the token at USD 0,10 we generated a total of 50 billion tokens. The price of the token is based on Real World Assets values as the supply and demand in the market . At this stage we have not even evaluated 20 % of the total areas in possession despite adding new areas on an ongoing basis
  • How many tokens are there for sale to the market in total?
    A total of 50 billion tokens have been created of which 10 billion will be sold on the market. The rest will be held by the treasury of the company for further purchases of prospective licenses, Acquisition, expansion of exploration/ mining companies etc.
  • When can the token be transferred to conventional banks and what is the process. Is the token then visible as a QAAA credit next to a FIAT account?
    QAAA can not be transferred to a bank depot unless it has been purchased through the ISIN. If you want to see your QAAA in your bank depot together with your other traditional financial products, you need to exchange your QAAA against the ISIN.
  • What is the ISIN number of QAAA?
    The ISIN number is for specific investors who are not willing or able to buy the QAAA as an Asset Backed Securitized Token, but need to buy a traditional financial instrument. The Asset Management of Qommodity is licensed and located in Switzerland. When a potential buyer indicate the purchase of the ISIN, we arrange a meeting with the Asset Management in Switzerland, confidentiality and individually.
  • How to send out my QAAA tokens from Bitmart/Latoken to Qommodity or other wallets?
    We will advice the moment of finalizing this process
  • What is the difference between holding an ISIN certificate and a QAAA token?
    The ISIN is a traditional financial instrument which is issued bank- to bank through the Swift protocol. The QAAA is a securitized Asset Backed utility token. Both are representing the asset values behind the Qommodity project. On a monthly basis there is a fixing between the value of the ISIN and QAAA for future seemingly exchange of both instruments
  • How to check QAAA price?
  • How to buy QAAA ISIN ie: the financial product ?
    When an Investor wants to buy the ISIN financial instrument, a meeting is been setup with our Asset Management in Switzerland to discuss the details for the purchase. This process is done individually and confidentiality.
  • What are the major investors and joint venture partners other than Sourceless?
    Those partners are mentioned on the website.
  • Is there cooperation with Pluspunkt Energie or is this planned?
  • Where will Qommodity's future headquarters be - Dubai, Curacao or Europe?
  • What can i do with QAAA that i hold in backoffice ?
    Do you hold your QAAA in the backoffice of Assetbench, ie Over the last few months, we have been made aware of new information, and we discovered a lot of disturbing facts. Facts that not only disappoint us but also force us to act to protect Qommodity and the righful token holders. For people who hold their QAAA in the back office of Assetbench will most likely be confronted with the effects of the reversal of the QOMX/QAAA conversion, as explained in the October Newsletter. Qommodity will establish who is a legitimate Qommodity QAA/QAAA token holder. A legitimate token holder is a token holder whereby the sale of the tokens resulted in revenues within Qommodity or one of its subsidiaries. Any exchange transaction of QOMX into QAA/QAAA without generating revenues within Qommodity will be reversed. For all questions related to the QAAA/QOMX reversal, people need to turn to the issuer of the QOMX and NOT to Qommodity. Every “old” QOMX investor knows where they have transferred their investment or who was in charge/responsible for the QOMX project. In this case, to our information, it is Mr. Michael Ungar as the legal representative of GBI/SBG and/or Red6 as back-office administrator. Contact details for Mr. Michael Ungar-GBI-SBG: Do you hold your QAAA in the backoffice of Qommodity, ie For people holding their QAAA in the back office of, there was an initial vesting period of 12 months communicated. Due to the irregularities with QOMX and irregularities with the transfer of accounts between the and backoffice Qommodity is forced to extend the vesting period in order to protect Qommodity and the token holders. As explained in the October Newsletter, Qommodity is in the process of cleaning up the irregularities and reverse the QOMX/QAAA conversion as part of it. The implementation of a new back-office is part of this process. A new release date will be announced after the new back-office is implemented.
  • When can tokens be transferred from the Qommodity Wallet to external exchanges?
    For people holding their QAAA in the back office of, there is an initial vesting period of 12 months from the date of the official swap from QAA to QAAA, ie 1st of November 2022, such is conditional to volume and liquidity in order to safeguard the position of all investors and guarantee of the asset backed value as foundation of the token. So as of 2nd of November 2023, you would be able to send out your tokens to any other wallet of yours or to exchanges, where you can then trade the token
  • Forgot your password?
    To reset your password, you need to send the following details by email to: - Account Username - Official ID copy - To specify if account is in Assetbench or Qommodity
  • Who guarantees that the arbitrary blocking of accounts is prevented and that my own account is accessible at any time and I remain able to enter
    Qommodity fully obeys the GDPRS requirements at any time. So there is no blocking at any stage from the side of Qommodity. In case Qommodity was made aware of fraudulent activities and received the necessary proof for that, only then Qommodity will block the access to the account.
  • What generates the price of QAAA in Qommodity Wallet?
    Qommodity wallet value is always aligned as per the Exchange rate on Lbank at 16:00 UTC.
  • How to open an account at Qommodity?
    Go to and click on register
  • Are OTC deals allowed/possible? Can I sell my QAAA to another person internally?
    You can sell QAAA OTC, ie you can find someone who is willing to purchase them from you and you do the transaction via “send to a friend”. In such deals we do not take any responsibility for the counter party and no party from this OTC deal can hold us liable for, in case one of the parties in the transaction is not fulfilling their part of the transaction obligation
  • What is the vesting period of QAAA in Qommodity wallet?
    For people holding their QAAA in the back office of, there is an initial vesting period of 12 months from the date of the official swap from QAA to QAAA, ie 1st of November 2022, such is conditional to volume and liquidity in order to safeguard the position of all investors and guarantee of the asset backed value as foundation of the token. So as of 2nd of November 2023, you would be able to send out your tokens to any other wallet of yours or to exchanges, where you can then trade the token.
  • What is the vesting period in the back office of Assetbench?
    For people who hold their QAAA in the back office of Assetbench, there is no defined date at this moment when the wallet will be opened for sending QAAA to the blockchain or sell the tokens on an exchange (eg LBank). We will advise you the moment the decision has been made, for when the tokens are unblocked.
  • I can imagine it’s very difficult to decide at which point in time you think QAAA is ready to be released from the backoffice towards the exchanges. Supply and demand need to be managed very carefully and I’m sure there’s also a lot the “general public” is not aware of . Can you explain in more detail how this mechanism is working, what factors are in play, how you deal with this challenge and what you foresee for the near future?
    Yes, your conclusion is a correct one. We are determined to “protect” the community for a significant price erosion on the token. On the other hand, if the community would prefer this to happen, we will concede at the end of the day when the time would be right. There would be a tremendous erosion of value if people want to cash all at once. Especially those who were favored from the QAAA as a result from the QOMX and Protector era. That’s why these token are segregated in AssetBench at this stage.
  • When will we finally be able to do something with our coins that are stuck in Qommodity? (this question everyone wants to have answered by now).
    The tokens are tradable. So when people want to sell they can do so within the backoffice. That facility is supported. Your qualification of coins stuck is a matter of perspective. Those tokens can’t be traded on the exchange for distinctive reasons that have been explained multiple times.
  • When will the Qommodity wallets be unlocked? (in the context to the AMC).
    Qommodity wallets are not blocked. Those wallets have nothing to do with the AMC.
  • Will we get our total investment no later than 11/5/23?
    The ambition is to open the backoffice at that date. The tokens would then be tradeable on the open market against market value.
  • I am now interested in the further development. Nice if you also mention calculations. What is the time line for the exchange of the QAAA at AssetBench? Even if only a rough timeframe can be given, this not only calms the minds. It should also motivate well to make Qommodity even more known.
    There is no timeline defined for the QAAA in AssetBench at this stage. The QAAA in AssetBench are a liability taken by Qommodity for the investments done in QOMX and Protector long before Qommodity was in existence. None of this invested money have been received by Qommodity . It's a tremendous investment of Qommodity to sustain these tokens. Qommodity has all the liabilities and no upside on any of them. We have done this to protect previous investments in previous token. It's a suggestion of Qommodity where we see little or no gratitude for.
  • Who is in charge of the QOMMODITY and Assetbench back office? There are massive complaints from the community about the assetbench support because of unanswered questions and tickets. Are there any plans to merge these in the future?
    The majority of the complaints are done by people who want things that are not possible. The company who is responsible for the AssetBench backoffice is the same company who is responsible for the Qommodity backfoffice. All requests for Qommodity are handled by the team of Qommodity and there are no outstanding issues. With regard to questions for AssetBench and the questions that cant be adhered to, there probably will be not coming any answers. When the markets are opened for both Qommodity and AssetBench the facility can be merged technically.
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