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LBANK Crypto Exchange

LBank is an exchange QAAA token is listed at. Buying tokens at an exchange is easy. Tokens are bought and sold at the market price of the moment and there are no further restrictions. 


Buying tokens at LBank requires an account. If you do not have an account at LBank, then please go here and open an account. 

You can find our trading pair here

AssetBench/Qommodity BackOffice

Qommoditarians that have been with the project for some time are familiar with the AssetBench / Qommodity Backoffice. Most of them have an account. 

The AssetBench / Qommodity Backoffice provides the opportunity to buy QAAA against favourable terms but they are vested.  On one end it provides the project with the much appreciated support to further develop the QAAA and on the other hand a nice incentive for the Qommoditarian. 

The AssetBench / Qommodity Backoffice, as provided by AssetBench, is also an easy entry-point for anyone that still finds the crypto world a bit daunting. The support and fail-safes of the Backoffice provides protection against most common crypto-mistakes. 

Buying tokens at the AssetBench/Qommodity Backoffice requires an account. If you do not have an account you can open one up here

If you already have an account then please go to the login page

Qommodity Mini-OTC 

With the QAAA Mini-OTC Deals you can buy up to
$ 10.000 worth of QAAA tokens straight Over The Counter from Qommodity QAAA B.V.

The Mini-OTC Deals are designed as an easy access to buy QAAA tokens if you do not have an account at the exchanges the QAAA is listed at.

The only requirements is to have a Binance Smart Chain Wallet (BEP20) for the delivery of the tokens. 

You will receive QAAA tokens in exchange for US Dollars as per the exchange rate on LBank at 16:00 UTC on the day Qommodity QAAA B.V. has received payment.


As simple as it gets. 

Qommodity OTC 

If you wish to buy QAAA tokens in excess of $ 10.000 then please contact our sales department for a personalised OTC Deal. 

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