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We created the first Asset Backed Securitized Hybrid Utility Token

Our objective is to facilitate the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind. We aim to unlock access to wealth on a large scale using an approach that has never been used before. We are here to give people access to the most precious resources, without negative impact.


Commodities that are traded on a market are clearly defined and fungible but the underlying values thereof are not. The underlying values are in reality much greater but access to that value is limited to the very few who can afford it and have the necessary expertise.

We are simply taking a wealth of knowledge and experience to clearly define the underlying value, its market value and therefore making it tradeable and bankable. This means the whole value chain from the opportunity to the finished product becomes tradeable. To trade the underlying values, it requires its definition and an appropriate market place where even the smallest investor is able to participate.

We therefore are implementing highly secure blockchain technology, to create a marketplace for the underlying values and also to clearly document all the processes involved. Not only are we using the Blockchain and the crypto markets but we are aligning the whole process with the established and regulated security markets and will be publishing the relevant ISIN.


We can offer everybody the opportunity to be part of an initiative that aims for both to promote environmental protection and guarantee sustainability as defined by the SDG’s of the United Nations.


This venture is  creating new asset classes in commodities within the traditional- and institutional monetary- as well as the Crypto domain.


Qommodity QAAA B.V. is a finance and technology accelerator implementing innovative and game changing ideas.


Qommodity QAAA B.V. is build by a small team of hardened and experienced entrepreneurs. Qommodity QAAA B.V. is the impressive result of more than a decade of hard work, highs and lows, challenges and successes. It is the ultimate combination of various fields of expertise and hard earned experience. All has come together in the creation of a new Asset Classes and the QAAA token, an Asset Backed Securitized Hybrid Utility Token, the first of its kind!

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